Sunday, December 09, 2012

24 Days of Elf on the Shelf ~ Day 8 & Day 9

The little blue-eyed boy had an accident the other day, and accidentally touched Sam.
It was a sad afternoon with lots of worrying, so dh went by the mall to talk to Santa.  Santa gave him a tiny little box with a small amount of magic inside.
The little blue-eyed boy had to sprinkle it over Sam's head, and it would give him his magic back.

Luckily it worked!
I think Sam decided to get even with the little blue-eyed boy, because when he woke up he found a surprise on his face!

LOL!!  The blonde-boy had some on his face too, but apparently he woke up during the night to use the bathroom.  Saw his face, and washed it off.

The boys received fun jokes from Sam for their advent gift.
The jokes are so fun, and you can find them HERE.
She offers 3 sheets of fun jokes.
Lot's of gigglely fun on the morning of day 8!

Day 9
This morning we woke up to find Sam in the kitchen.  He had set out all of the stuff needed to make pancakes.  The blonde boy was excited about that!  He's been asking for pancakes all week!
Sam brought the boys vanilla pudding cups for Day 9 with clear plastic spoons.
They loved that!

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